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Kunshan speed German environmental protection equipment Engineering Limited

Tel: 0512-57613577

Website: www.sude-ks.com

Contact: Business a Mr. Huang          18021616016

              Business two Mr. Zheng      15190121866

              Business three Mr. Lu                    13913211138

Total Address: No. 711, Guo Ze Road, Penglang Town, Kunshan City

Branch Address: Nantong City, Hai'an County Qu Town Industrial Zone

Kunshan suhder Environmental Protection Equipment Co Ltd for many years engaged in the design and manufacture of waste gas treatment equipment, From the accumulated experience of countless. All processing equipment in the treatment efficiency from single corrosive gas Multiple source pollution or toxic gases, through rational design processing were lower than the national emission dischargeStandard. The equipment corrosion resistant materials PP, PVC, FRP stainless steel in the structure design, processing and play the maximum efficiency of the maintenance cost can be at least in function.

Our team has the most professional environmental engineering knowledge and technical service for you. Each part from the pipeline calculation and fan selection, system and material selection, so that the overall planning of exhaust gas treatment system is based on customer integration The actual operating conditions and design in order to achieve the highest economic benefit.

At the same time, we provide a complete set of system including PP, PVC, FRP, stainless steel etc. Pipeline, corrosion resistant materials made by the fan, dosing, circulation system etc.. Because all the parts are designed for our Kunshan factory design and manufacture, so as to ensure the timeliness of the system parts supply can also save a lot of maintenance costs for you.

Our company was established in May 2017 in Nantong Nantong suhder environmental protection equipment Co., the construction of large production base, covers an area of 16 acres, thanks to the trust and support of new and old customers, our company will provide better design solutions and technical support for customers, high quality and inexpensive products, better customer service service.

Service tenet: the technology as the guide, to the quality of life, customer-centric business philosophy: integrity, pragmatic, rigorous, high quality

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